AYO Recording and First Sketches for QPO

Earlier in 2015 I was selected for the AYO National Music Camp Composition Program; an intense 2 weeks of lessons, workshops, seminars and rehearsals. Under the tutelage of Stuart Greenbaum and baton of James Judd, us 4 composers raced to form a complete work, developing our sketches that we brought in various states, ready for the concert only 10 days later… Below is the resultant recording form the concert. Dissent, is a play with line and mass, the breaking away from unity until inevitable chaos break out, a disjunct struggle for dominance by each instrument and family.

Currently, I am working on a commission from the Queensland Philharmonia Orchestra, due to be performed on the 20th of September. Somewhat toying with the idea of humidity, often excruciatingly felt here in the summer, I’ve set out to create an essence of unease and discomfort, a blurring of lines and tight interlocking, until the ensuing torrential downpour relieves the still, bringing a chatter of a thousand voices. In the sketching phase for this piece, I’m analysing Ligeti’s Lontano and Atmosphères, looking at Allen Forte’s Set Theory and completely immersed into Xenakis’s Jonchaies. Details for this concert are below…

Day 9 of AYO’s National Music Camp 2015

AYO NMC 2015: (Left to right) Clare Johnston, Stuart Greenbaum, Connor D’Netto, Oliver Iacono, Jakob Bragg & James Judd.

Having been accepted into the AYO composition program, along with 3 other composers from Australia, I have been busy writing a work for chamber orchestra to be premiered on the 16th of Jan. Spanning 2 weeks in Adelaide (at the Elder Conservatorium), this intense and fast paced course see us write a work especially for the Australian Youth Orchestra, comprised of both tutors and students, while also receiving daily lessons, seminars and masterclasses with composer Stuart Greenbaum and fellow performers. Since being here I had a chat with Samuel Cottell (words about music student) about writing by hand (see below) and additionally was interviewed on ABC Classic Fm for the intermission between last Saturday’s concerts! Today I heard the first rehearsal of my work, conducted by James Judd and am madly making final additions before the Composition Concert this Friday! A dazed and delirious journey it has been, filled with so much music, many lessons and such amazing talent!

Update. October 30. 23:35

 Final composition workshop 2014 Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Graduating composers of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music 2014: (Left to right) Erik Griswold (Tutor), Tim Hondroudakis, Jakob Bragg, Kate Hamill, Nick Rossi & Matthew Schwarz.

In a mere few weeks I will be graduating from my Bachelor of Music (Composition) at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and off to the UK and Denmark for 5 weeks!! However, to more recent events, I have completed a new work for the Queensland Mandolin Orchestra (rehearsals to be begin next week), finished a commission from Amanda Terry (solo violin), and experienced the success of an cross art-form, unusual concert collaboration, entitled moððe – featuring art, film, music, movement, improvisation and voice (artistic director/composer Amanda Terry, Film artist Naomi O’Reilly and producer/composer myself)… Stay posted, more of this project to come! Additionally, I have been undertaking a second Theory Project with Gerardo Dirie, analysing select repertoire from Turkish classical music; building directly from my previous project on Arabic music theory. The next few weeks are dedicated to finishing a new work for solo soprano (Amber Evans), taking – or should I just say ‘stealing’ – influences from Berio’s Sequenza III and Lachenmann’s Got lost – I recently had the pleasure (and somewhat terror) to page turn this piece for Alex Raineri. January next year I will be off to Adelaide after being selected for the Composition Program at AYO’s National Music Camp, studying under Stuart Greenbaum. And in another 3 weeks, I will be bound for the UK and Denmark, experiencing the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and a well deserved (I think), relaxing break…

– – moððe – –

moððe poster

moððe (old english for moth, pronounced mothaaar) is an interdisciplinary project between violinist (artistic director) Amanda Terry, composer (project/stage manager/producer) Jakob Bragg and video artist (co-producer) Naomi O’Reilly (Queensland College of Art), along with students of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

moððe is a series of small individual experimental works that follow the story of a man who has gone into the afterlife and is awaiting his “judgement”. Each movement goes through events in his life that has lead up to this moment, portrayed through film, movement and music.

Can the weight of our lives transform us into the very creatures we despise? How quickly a flame consumes, how quickly it disintegrates… you take and take and only give back ashen cries but in the end you have only one chance in this life, one chance to make it right, your one chance that put you in this life – don’t forget the many eyes, they see that.

See ‘upcoming’ for concert details…

Corrade Collection & Con Sordino

September 26th will see a new concert by the Corrade Collection at the Queensland Conservatorium. Corrade is Amanda Terry (violin), Caleb Colledge (percussion) & Michael Louttit (double bass/electronics) who are joined by a host of talented musicians performing a truly unique, cross artform concert. As of next week I’ll begin work on a piece for act 6 of this ‘multifaceted art/music/drama work’, utilising violin, viola, double bass, percussion, piano and flute. Envisioned and directed by Amanda Terry, this striking and challenging creation will see 7 acts cross the spectrum of genre, style, intensity and pysche; a production that can only be adequately described as a true Gesamtkunstwerk.

Additionally this week will see a new work for brass reach the final editing stages. This composition echoes the texture and colour of Krzysztof Penderecki with the movement and structure of Ingram Marshall. An exercise in timbre and colour, mutes and microtones; this will be submitted for the Adolph Spivakovsky Scholarship run by the University of Melbourne.

An Experimental Collaboration of Photography and New Music

An Experimental Collaboration & Exhibition will feature works by photographers, musicians, composers and student folios from QCA. This event will also include my latest work Varient, written for the Conservatorium New Music Ensemble, led by Vanessa Tomlinson. This work can best be summarised as intense and haunting, a textural work stemming from Ligeti and Penderecki. Details are:

Monday 26th of May, 2014 – 5:30pm

White Box Studios (S03, level 4), Queensland College of Art

Admission Free.

New Work for the Queensland Ballet

Currently 1 day away from the recording session of my latest work. I have be asked to write a short Ballet, Choreographed by Paul Boyd, for the Jette Parker Young Artists Program, Queensland Ballet.
It is a 10-12 minute work for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano and String Trio. The performance will be during mid 2014, around July, and will feature two young talented girls from the Jette Parker program. The music will be pre-recorded and conducted by Matthew Schwarz (from the Queensland Philharmonia) and recorded by Sarah Ward.
A BIG thank you to all the instrumentalists involved: Annabelle Swainston, Sunny Yeh, Hannah Harley, Aichlinn Huang-Ryan, Richard Shaw, Charly McIntyre and Corey Sinclair.
I will post soon as the recording becomes available and how the work progresses…

Secondly, my other new work ‘Variant‘ for the New Music Ensemble (run by Vanessa Tomlinson) will be performed later this month. Details to be up shortly!


Karlheinz Stockhausen // Kontakte

Leading Queensland Conservatorium students Angus Wilson (percussion) and Alex Raineri (piano) will perform their interpretation of Stockhausen’s masterpiece Kontakte, a work that is regarded as key in the evolution of electronic music. The evening will also feature Tristan Murail’s La Mandragore, Steven Mackey’s Beast and a new work by Jakob Bragg.

19th of March, 2014 – Ian Hanger Recital Hall – Queensland Conservatorium

$15 adults // $10 concession


Kontakte Poster

Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival

As part of the 2013 Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival (, Kupkas Piano (Brisbane’s premier new music ensemble) have commissioned Jakob Bragg to write a new work for Flute, Clarinet, Piano & Percussion. The resulting work: Quartet for the End of July, will be performed this Saturday (27th, July) at the Judith Wright Centre at 8:00pm. Kupkas Piano recently interviewed Jakob and ask about life as a young composer and a bit about his new work: