moððe poster

moððe (old english for moth, pronounced mothaaar) is an interdisciplinary project between violinist (artistic director) Amanda Terry, composer (project/stage manager/producer) Jakob Bragg and video artist (co-producer) Naomi O’Reilly (Queensland College of Art), along with students of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

moððe is a series of small individual experimental works that follow the story of a man who has gone into the afterlife and is awaiting his “judgement”. Each movement goes through events in his life that has lead up to this moment, portrayed through film, movement and music.

Can the weight of our lives transform us into the very creatures we despise? How quickly a flame consumes, how quickly it disintegrates… you take and take and only give back ashen cries but in the end you have only one chance in this life, one chance to make it right, your one chance that put you in this life – don’t forget the many eyes, they see that.

See ‘upcoming’ for concert details…

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