Earlier in 2015 I was selected for the AYO National Music Camp Composition Program; an intense 2 weeks of lessons, workshops, seminars and rehearsals. Under the tutelage of Stuart Greenbaum and baton of James Judd, us 4 composers raced to form a complete work, developing our sketches that we brought in various states, ready for the concert only 10 days later… Below is the resultant recording form the concert. Dissent, is a play with line and mass, the breaking away from unity until inevitable chaos break out, a disjunct struggle for dominance by each instrument and family.


Currently, I am working on a commission from the Queensland Philharmonia Orchestra, due to be performed on the 20th of September. Somewhat toying with the idea of humidity, often excruciatingly felt here in the summer, I’ve set out to create an essence of unease and discomfort, a blurring of lines and tight interlocking, until the ensuing torrential downpour relieves the still, bringing a chatter of a thousand voices. In the sketching phase for this piece, I’m analysing Ligeti’s Lontano and Atmosphères, looking at Allen Forte’s Set Theory and completely immersed into Xenakis’s Jonchaies. Details for this concert are below…


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