September 26th will see a new concert by the Corrade Collection at the Queensland Conservatorium. Corrade is Amanda Terry (violin), Caleb Colledge (percussion) & Michael Louttit (double bass/electronics) who are joined by a host of talented musicians performing a truly unique, cross artform concert. As of next week I’ll begin work on a piece for act 6 of this ‘multifaceted art/music/drama work’, utilising violin, viola, double bass, percussion, piano and flute. Envisioned and directed by Amanda Terry, this striking and challenging creation will see 7 acts cross the spectrum of genre, style, intensity and pysche; a production that can only be adequately described as a true Gesamtkunstwerk.

Additionally this week will see a new work for brass reach the final editing stages. This composition echoes the texture and colour of Krzysztof Penderecki with the movement and structure of Ingram Marshall. An exercise in timbre and colour, mutes and microtones; this will be submitted for the Adolph Spivakovsky Scholarship run by the University of Melbourne.

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