LPO Young Composers 2022-23
Jakob Bragg, Philip Dutton, Matt London, Zakiya Leeming, Tayla-Leigh Payne

I am excited and deeply honoured to be a part of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Young Composer Programme for 2022-23. This marks a daunting but eager return to the unique world of the orchestra as a mass, an entity, an institution, and as a cultural product. My last orchestral work was written in 2016 for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the postgrad orchestral reading session as part of my Masters at the University of Melbourne. That work, a hodgepodge of timbres, forms, and ideas, was composed first and foremost as a workshop piece rather than a concert work. It allowed me to experiment with some of my chamber music ideas I was working on at the time with orchestral forces and see how well the tactility, malleability and virtuosity of gestures stood up. This new work will allow me to finally return to those lessons and create a new concert work for a 30 piece orchestra, building upon some of the rather unique try-out sessions and workshops we have within this programme (I’m looking at you Contrabassoon!). Alongside my four other colleagues, Philip Dutton, Zakiya Leeming, Matt London, and Tayla-Leigh Payne, we will work with a combination of the Foyle Future Firsts (young artists) and members or the London Philharmonic Orchestra, mentored by composer Brett Dean throughout. The final works will be premiered in mid-July 2023 at the Southbank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall. More trips to London coming…

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