Sketches and workstation from this afternoon…

Horsley Williams Duo Sketches Jakob Bragg

Currently writing a new work for the Horsley & Williams Duo (Uilleann Pipes and Recorders). Both the concert (21st of August) and my work explore the heritage of Georgian traditional music.

It’s been absolutely fascinating to delve into this rich musical culture! Hearing the wildly different influences coming from Turkish, Persian, Byzantine, and Russian traditions, via the rise and fall of these empires, also the huge variation found within the native Georgian musical identity – from mountain to valley, between ethnic minorities, between language groups, and sub-cultures… to just name a few. It has been thrilling to simply digest so much fascinating music I might otherwise had not.

For a little taste of this music, here is some Georgian polyphonic singing available on the UNESCO YouTube channel (here).

…For those curious, my set-up in the image above includes my keyboard and piano, always tuned out from one-another, at times by quarter, eighth, or sixth… Tea and biscuits were also served!

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