Welcome to the website’s new look with special thanks to Elle Reid for the photography!
2013 brings 4 new concerts (so far!) including the two listed in ‘Upcoming’ – Turkish Coffee & Oranges and also Colours of Creation. Later on in May a new work of mine will be premiered alongside Steve Newcomb’s Flying & Floating at the Queensland Conservatorium, and in late winter, a concert featuring students works will also house a new work on mine.
Another film for director Miki Clarke (currently entitled ‘Frost’) is also in the works, as well as a short animated film also on the horizon. This alongside another portfolio of works for my composition studies and studies into Arabic Music as apart of Theory studies will be sure to quickly fill up the year.
Keep checking the website for news and keep an particular eye out in ‘Upcoming’ to see what is being performed!

Jakob Bragg

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