2012 is quickly becoming a big year. So far I have 2 film’s to write for: ‘Lyrebird Lane’ and ’La vie, l’amour, la mort’ plus the premier of ‘One Son’ in March. The premier of my ‘Skyscapes’ suit will be on the 22nd of March – in which I will be conducting a small string orchestra accompanying a Piano and a Soprano. Also the ‘Dare CD Project’ is underway now with the first round of rehearsals  and various promotional tools and websites being developed this month. These projects and hopefully many more shall be on top of my studies in Composition at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music – in which I am now in my 2nd year.

Click ‘About’ for my full biography and view some of my music under ‘Music’ – the Soundtrack to One Son shall be up very soon.

Feel free to contact me on jakobbragg@gmail.com or leave a comment…

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