Instrumentation: oboe, viola
Duration: 10 minutes
Commissioned by Ben Opie and Phoebe Green

Territory ; terrain Jakob Bragg excerptsTerritory ; terrain Jakob Bragg Excerpts 2

Programme Note
Territory ; terrain explores the various terrains available on each instrument. For the viola, this is predominantly the region from pegbox to bridge, the surfaces of the bow, and the placement of the bow. Each region depicts a vastly different landscape. For the oboe, the terrain is down the length of the reed, the volume of air, and the warm tone of muting. Beyond the physicality of the instruments the region between intervals is explored. The territory of a major and minor third is explored with unusual subdivisions, making smaller distances larger, and larger ones smaller. The exploration and freedom of movement between these terrains bear resemblance to the nature of borders and boundaries between nations, peoples, and cultures.

Performance History
23 August 2018: Music Auditorium, Monash University, Clayton Vic. Australia – Phoebe Green & Ben Opie.
27 July 2018 [workshop]: Lichtenbergschule, Darmstadt, Germany – Lena Vidulich and Dannielle Lynn McBryan.

Score Availability:
A3 full score (no individual parts), contact me