Instrumentation: oboe, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, cello
Duration: 6 minutes
Commissioned by Melbourne Arts Centre for the 5x5x5 programme

Metamorphosis excerpt (2)

Programme Note
Metamorphosis takes its title from the intricate and transfixing set model created by Nigel Triffitt for Brian Howard’s opera of the same name. Metamorphosis, the complete and utter transformation into something new, is encapsulated by the fragile and contorted staircase in Triffitt’s model – a vehicle that provides access to another location (perhaps even another state). This dichotomy, the journey alongside the unwilling nature of the structure, is exemplified in my work. Gestures slowly evolve and change, more and more reluctantly, until when a transformation seems imminent the metamorphosis paradoxically fails to materialise.

Performance History
April 2017: 5x5x5 site went live. Recorded by ANAM students Eve Osborn (Ob.), Andrew Fong (B.Cl.), Hamish Upton (Perc.), Lily Higson-Spence (Vln.), Caleb Wong (Vco.)
…looking for a world premiere performance.

Score Availability:
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