Instrumentation: soprano
Duration: 7 minutes
Commissioned by Amber Evans, text by Jayce McNeill.

Elegy for Chamberlain Jakob Bragg excerpt

Programme Note
Elegy for Chamberlain pays tribute to the infamous case surrounding the death of Azaria Chamberlain. The piece follows the narrative of McNeill’s emotive poem, while the music emphasises and draws upon (often in the most extreme way) the hysteria, frustration, and despair that Lindy Chamberlain must have experienced.

Performance History
23 Sep 2015: Cathedral of St Stephen, Brisbane Qld, Australia – Amber Evans
2-16 Jul 2017: Cortona Sessions for New Music, Cortona, Italy – Amber Evans
13 Mar 2018: Bossi-Comelli Studio & Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music, New York NY, USA – Amber Evans

Score Availability:
A3 full score (no individual parts) via CutCommon