Instrumentation: Flute/piccolo/bass flute, double bell bass trombone, cello, piano, x2 percussion
Duration: 25 minutes
Commissioned by the Melbourne Recital Centre/University of Melbourne with the support of Majlis Pty Ltd. 

Displaced bodies, weapons of action (Bragg) excerpt

Programme note
Displaced bodies, weapons of action is in four sections:

I – Opera
II – Call to arms
III – Escalation
IV – Afterness

Well into the 21st century and within the Anthropocene, it seems the displacement of people, culture, and lives go unabated. War, totalitarianism, modern-day imperialism, and extreme wealth disparity continue to wreck unfathomable horror on so many, while our entire species face a mass displacement at the hands of a dramatically shifting climate. Our lives, our very bodies, become weapons for action and change. In four movements, this work progresses from the absurdity of opera, to the desperate call to arms, from escalation, to an uncertain but hopeful afterness.

Performance History

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