Instrumentation: Uilleann pipes, Alto recorder/Basset recorder
Duration: 5 minutes
Commissioned by Horsley & Williams Duo

Between giants excerpt

Programme Note
Commissioned for a concert of traditional Georgian music, I couldn’t help but delve into and respond to this rich musical culture. Georgian music, like others, isn’t a singular tradition with a singular identity. It covers the music from an array of ethnic groups, music of a variety of mediums, and influenced by countless other surrounding cultures. Located in the Caucasus region, Georgia’s music has been intrinsically linked with the geopolitics of region, the shifting boundaries of empires, that of the Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Ottomans, and Russian giants. For this work I attempted to simply respond to this anything but simple musical culture. Some elements that interested me most was the use of both heterophony and harmony, the intervallic structure of pitch material, and use of a more overt, highly ornamental, melodic line.

Performance History
21st August 2018: Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Vic. Australia – Horsley & Williams Duo
20th May 2020: Ian Potter Southbank Centre, Melbourne Vic. Australia – Horsley & Williams Duo

Score Availability:
A3 full score (no individual parts), contact me

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