Instrumentation: alto/soprano saxophone, alto/tenor saxophone
Duration: 6 minutes
Commissioned by Halfsound

Babbling House Jakob Bragg excerpt

Programme Note
Babbling House calls to mind the squabbling of politicians, the endless to and fro between parties, and trivial debating that often occurs within the houses of parliament; at times becoming no more than noise. In this work both saxophones are constantly at odds with one another, never quite lining up and always competing for authority. However, despite this constant opposition, both lines characteristically are never far from one another. When one has a rapid succession of notes, so too does the other, when one quietens and slows down, so too does the other. When eventually one instrument takes the fore, it isn’t long before both descend into a babble of overtones.

Performance History
19 May 2016: Grant Street Theatre VCA, Melbourne Vic, Australia – Halfsound
27 May 2016: Space.Toccata, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Halfsound
5 Jun 2016: Then Café, Hue, Vietnam – Halfsound
9 Jun 2016: Manzi, Hanoi, Vietnam – Halfsound
13 Jun 2016: Bophana Audiovisual Resource Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Halfsound
20 Jun 2016: River Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar – Halfsound
15 Jun 2016: Cho Why, Bangkok, Thailand – Halfsound
20 Feb 2016: Aula University of Music & Performing Arts Graz, Austria – eventuell.Duo

Score Availability:
A3 full score (no individual parts), contact me