Instrumentation: saxophone quartet (s.sax, a.sax, t.sax, b.sax)
Duration: 8 minutes
Commissioned by Bron Quartet

Aposiopesis Jakob Bragg page 2 excerpt

Programme Note
Aposiopesis refers to the use of silence or a pause, leaving something left unsaid. This work is littered with short statements broken by silences of varying lengths, each phrase is left to be completed and uncompleted alike by the listener. Aposiopesis occupies a harmonic world that meanders, searches, and at times even wanders off; the pitches themselves are often lost within the sound of air.

Performance History
25th Feb 2018: Vierwindenhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bron Quartet
15th Feb 2020: Jacoba Cultuurhuis, Woudrichem, Netherlands – Bron Quartet

Score Availability:
A3 full score (no individual parts), contact me