Work, answering calls, conferencing, preparing lunch, teaching math, emails, running rehearsals, selling tickets, political activities, care, self-care, care-for-others, coffee, tea, wine, relax… All at the kitchen bench, within the same hour, on a screen, and an internet connection that hopefully doesn’t cut out; these are the times we find ourselves in. This hyper-multitasking, saturation of information, switching roles in an instant, is the project that Jakob Bragg (composer), Callum G’Froerer (double-bell trumpet soloist), and Elliott Hughes (electroacoustic performance developer) plan to undertake; to create a performance that reflects these compounding stresses of the new ‘COVID normal’.

Jakob Bragg is an Australian composer who writes detailed and volatile works deeply concerned with ornamentation, physicality, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Callum G’Froerer is a trumpet soloist actively exploring new instrumental sound worlds across genres.

Elliott Hughes is a composer, trumpet player, and electroacoustic performance developer, with a history of creating innovative new music across stylistic boundaries.

The Speak Percussion SD series 2.0 is a platform to support creative developments between collaborating artists in the present and soon post-COVID environment.